Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I know I am smart because...

Hi Mum,

I was thinking about how smart I am today.

I can understand lots of commands like 'sit' and 'down' and 'stay'.

I can 'fetch' and when I want someone to play I hold the ball in my mouth carefully so they can grab hold of it.

I can catch a ball in mid air.

If they hide a toy I can find it quickly.

When they say "Where is your toy - go find it" I can look for a toy and bring it to them.

When they say "Find Lulu", I will run upstairs to find you in your room.

When they say 'basket' I can put my toy in my toy basket

When I need to go out I know to stand by the door.

I know what to do to get treats.

See you very soon,



Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Walk in the Mountains

Hi Mom,

Yesterday they put my harness on - Grandma is getting better at it now - and we got in the car. I had to sit in the back, but it was ok because I could look out of the window on both sides.

We set off and went a long way. My ears felt funny inside so I think we were going higher and higher. We stopped in a parking lot and they put my long leash on, and off we went along the trail. There were lots of interesting smells along the way and there were lots of other dogs to say hello to. They were all nice to me and I was nice back, but none of them had time to stop and play with me. Most of the other dogs didn't have leashes on, but I didn't mind having mine on. I didn't get it tangled up round trees or rocks or anything.

I had a bit of a paddle in the creek, but I am still not sure if I really like being in the water or not. It made me nice and cool, but I don't really like being wet.

We walked for a very long way, but it was quite shady so I didn't get too hot.

Grandma liked the flowers along the path and kept saying the smell of the pine trees reminded her of Menorca.

I was very tired when we got back to the car, and wen we got home I fell asleep on the floor.

This morning I had a special treat - a pig ear - oh joy oh bliss. I sat on my grey bed and worked on it til it was gone. They are so yummy. I ate it very quickly and now i don't have it any more. I hope I get another one soon.

Not long before you come home now Mum,

Looking forward to giving you real BT kisses,


Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Favourite Places for a Nap II

Hi Mum,
Here are some more places where I like to take a nap.
Sometimes I just like to lie on the rug

Sometimes I like to lie on the back of the sofa. Silvey used to lie here all the time. I like it here because I can see what's going on outside through the window.

Hope you haven't forgotten about me!

BT kisses rule,


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Favourite Places for a Nap

Hi Mom,

Today I thought I would remind you of where I like to take my naps.
This is where I sit with everyone in the evenings. I like it when the cushions are piled up. Sometimes I like to get right under them. Don't I look cute and cuddly!
Sometimes I like to find a nice sunny spot on the floor like this!

Grandma put my harness on again today and I thought we might be going to the dog park again, but no, we went to the coffee shop. It's a bit boring there. There are lots of things to explore but I had to sit still all the time. It's just like being at home indoors really. Grandma says I have to learn that sometimes I just have to sit still. I found if I laid down I could wriggle along on my tummy for a little way before they noticed I was moving.

I am going to have another nap now, on the rug this time.

Hope you are having fun in Menorca,

Still have BT kisses to share,


Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Dog Park

Hi Mum,
I knew something was up this morning when Grandma tried to put my harness on (she's not very good at it!).

Then they put me in the car and off we went --- to the Dog Park! Yay!

Here I am fetching a stick.

Oh no!

He musn't get my stick!

Phew! Got away with it!

It's so cool in this puddle by the water fountain!

Running with the pack

I was very good and played nice with the other dogs. When it was time to go I didn't run away and I let them put my leash back on. I got some treats too!

Hope you are having fun too!

BT kisses as ever


Saturday, August 12, 2006


Today i got stuck! Grandpa took me down to where he was building the deck and tied my leash to some wood. I was following an interesting smell in the trees and got my leash all tangled up round them. He had to hold me and undo my leash and Grandma had to untangle it. I found a really interesting bone in there but, of course, as usual, I wasn't allowed to keep it :(

Sometimes Grandma doesn't hear when I bark or whine for attention cos she's thinking too hard on the computer, so today I started licking her elbow. It makes her laugh and I get attention.

I think they were going to take me to the dog park today but then there was a storm with hail stones so we didn't go after all - maybe tomorrow.

Hope you had a nice time with Nanny and Nansy.

BT Kisses again,


Friday, August 11, 2006

The Big Green Leafy Thing

Hi Mum,

Are you coming home soon?

I am being very good (I think?)

Yesterday it was a nice not too hot day and we were all sitting outside again. Edward was reading and Grandma was knitting as usual. I found this weird thing. It looked just like a big green leaf, but it had a head and legs and wriggled a lot. I picked it up but they made me leave it and they put it back. I am sure it would have liked to play with me, but now I will never know.

It looked just like this

Sometimes now when we play ball Grandma says 'basket' and I have to put the ball in my toy basket before she will throw it for me again. I can do it, but mostly I just want her to play tug o war to get it from me, but she doesn't like it when I accidentally bite her.

She swept out under the sofa this morning and I found lots of interesting toys I had forgotten about so I had better go and play with them before they get lost again.

Lots more BT kisses


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Sam's Pants are on Fire

Hi Mum,

It's not true what Sam said. Sometimes he hasn't been here when it is bed time and sometimes the door is shut so I can't go down and see him. I do wake him and Edward up every morning with BT kisses though.

I do miss Silvey, but I don't think she liked me very much. Yesterday I laid on the back of the sofa where she used to lie for a while. When everyone was busy I went and laid on your bed cos I miss you too. It took them a while to find me, but we had a good game of rough and tumble when they did.

It was not too hot yesterday so we all sat outside for a while. Edward read his book and Grandma did some knitting.

Last night I think Grandma was trying to teach me a new trick. Everytime I touched my toy basket she gave me some cheese. Then I got lots of fuss if I dropped my ball in the basket. I am not sure where we are going with this, but it's good to get cheese!

Then they were all laughing at me because I was chasing round the house for a while. They said I was having a crazy turn. It was fun though and I was tired afterwards which was lucky as it was bed time.

This morning they all went out and left me by myself. I am not going to tell you what I did because I managed to hide all the evidence before thay came back and hopefully no one will ever find out.

Lots of BT kisses


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hide and Seek

Hi again Mum,

I managed to sleep on their bed again last night and the night before. Last night I wanted to work on one of my bones, but they wouldn't let me stay on the bed with it. I didn't think that was very fair. I think they are getting used to me being there - I hope they understand that I won't be able to stay with them anymore, once you come back.

Yesterday I heard your voice and I thought you were home so I ran to the door, but it was just on the phone thingy - I don't like those. It was nice to hear your voice though, I knew it was you.

Later on, I got stuck in Edward's room, and I couldn't open the door. I decided to stay really quiet and see how long it took them to realise I was missing. It didn't take long. They called me and I scratched at the door and they let me out. For some reason if I am quiet too long they think I am doing something bad. Sometimes they are right, I suppose, but I was a good girl yesterday.

Well I must go now and see if someone will play fetch with me,

Lots of BT kisses,


Monday, August 07, 2006


Hi Mom,

It's me again. They let me sleep on their bed again last night. I managed to sneak down under the covers this time - very cosy. I missed you today. I have been a bit bored and restless and needed lots of cuddles but everyone seems too busy to play with me much. We did play a bit of fetch and tug o war. Then I laid on the sofa. Then I laid on the floor. Then I laid on the sofa with Edward. Then I laid outside in the sun for a while. Then I got into trouble for biting some pink bits off a plant and had to come in again. Then later we played fetch outside for a while but then we had to go back inside because it got really windy and scary and the umbrella nearly blew away.

They gave me a new plastic bottle to play with (no ring or label) I love how they move about and the crunchy noise they make when I bite them. That was fun.

It's nearly my dinner time now. I have been eating all my dinner. I have been getting a few treats but I have to work for them. I did 'stay' this morning even though I couldn't see her and got some cheese.

I am glad you got your visa ok,

Lots of BT kisses


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hi Mom, this is Charlie.

I thought you would like to know what I am up to while you are away.

Well last night, when I realised you weren't coming home for a while and everyone else went upstairs to bed, I thought they might try to put me in my kennel so I jumped up on their huge bed and tried to look really cute and cosy so they would let me stay - and it worked! I stretched out across the bed. It was lovely.

This morning they took me on a long walk by the river. I think I was really good on my lead. I didn't pull very much except when there was an irresistable smell to investigate but they seemed to understand and gave me time to have a good sniff. Eventually we got to the dog park, but it was closed - I did try to tell them it would be but they wouldn't listen. We stopped at the picnic area in the shade. I had a nice drink of water when they held me up to the humans' drinking fountain. Then I had a nice rest and a roll in the grass. I pretended I was a boy dog and cocked my leg up on this pillar - I could tell lots of other dogs had done it too.

Then we set off back to the car. On the way they took me to the edge of the river. The water was swirly round my legs but I couldn't catch it in my mouth. It was nice and refreshing but I didn't stay too long.

We have just got back home again and I am pooped. I hope I will be able to have a peaceful afternoon sleeping while they are out at the movies this afternoon.

I am glad you got there safely. it's lucky I wasn't still in your bag or I would be lost too.

Miss you,

Lots of BT kisses,