Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Walk in the Mountains

Hi Mom,

Yesterday they put my harness on - Grandma is getting better at it now - and we got in the car. I had to sit in the back, but it was ok because I could look out of the window on both sides.

We set off and went a long way. My ears felt funny inside so I think we were going higher and higher. We stopped in a parking lot and they put my long leash on, and off we went along the trail. There were lots of interesting smells along the way and there were lots of other dogs to say hello to. They were all nice to me and I was nice back, but none of them had time to stop and play with me. Most of the other dogs didn't have leashes on, but I didn't mind having mine on. I didn't get it tangled up round trees or rocks or anything.

I had a bit of a paddle in the creek, but I am still not sure if I really like being in the water or not. It made me nice and cool, but I don't really like being wet.

We walked for a very long way, but it was quite shady so I didn't get too hot.

Grandma liked the flowers along the path and kept saying the smell of the pine trees reminded her of Menorca.

I was very tired when we got back to the car, and wen we got home I fell asleep on the floor.

This morning I had a special treat - a pig ear - oh joy oh bliss. I sat on my grey bed and worked on it til it was gone. They are so yummy. I ate it very quickly and now i don't have it any more. I hope I get another one soon.

Not long before you come home now Mum,

Looking forward to giving you real BT kisses,


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