Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Favourite Places for a Nap

Hi Mom,

Today I thought I would remind you of where I like to take my naps.
This is where I sit with everyone in the evenings. I like it when the cushions are piled up. Sometimes I like to get right under them. Don't I look cute and cuddly!
Sometimes I like to find a nice sunny spot on the floor like this!

Grandma put my harness on again today and I thought we might be going to the dog park again, but no, we went to the coffee shop. It's a bit boring there. There are lots of things to explore but I had to sit still all the time. It's just like being at home indoors really. Grandma says I have to learn that sometimes I just have to sit still. I found if I laid down I could wriggle along on my tummy for a little way before they noticed I was moving.

I am going to have another nap now, on the rug this time.

Hope you are having fun in Menorca,

Still have BT kisses to share,


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