Friday, August 11, 2006

The Big Green Leafy Thing

Hi Mum,

Are you coming home soon?

I am being very good (I think?)

Yesterday it was a nice not too hot day and we were all sitting outside again. Edward was reading and Grandma was knitting as usual. I found this weird thing. It looked just like a big green leaf, but it had a head and legs and wriggled a lot. I picked it up but they made me leave it and they put it back. I am sure it would have liked to play with me, but now I will never know.

It looked just like this

Sometimes now when we play ball Grandma says 'basket' and I have to put the ball in my toy basket before she will throw it for me again. I can do it, but mostly I just want her to play tug o war to get it from me, but she doesn't like it when I accidentally bite her.

She swept out under the sofa this morning and I found lots of interesting toys I had forgotten about so I had better go and play with them before they get lost again.

Lots more BT kisses


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