Saturday, August 12, 2006


Today i got stuck! Grandpa took me down to where he was building the deck and tied my leash to some wood. I was following an interesting smell in the trees and got my leash all tangled up round them. He had to hold me and undo my leash and Grandma had to untangle it. I found a really interesting bone in there but, of course, as usual, I wasn't allowed to keep it :(

Sometimes Grandma doesn't hear when I bark or whine for attention cos she's thinking too hard on the computer, so today I started licking her elbow. It makes her laugh and I get attention.

I think they were going to take me to the dog park today but then there was a storm with hail stones so we didn't go after all - maybe tomorrow.

Hope you had a nice time with Nanny and Nansy.

BT Kisses again,


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