Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hi Mom, this is Charlie.

I thought you would like to know what I am up to while you are away.

Well last night, when I realised you weren't coming home for a while and everyone else went upstairs to bed, I thought they might try to put me in my kennel so I jumped up on their huge bed and tried to look really cute and cosy so they would let me stay - and it worked! I stretched out across the bed. It was lovely.

This morning they took me on a long walk by the river. I think I was really good on my lead. I didn't pull very much except when there was an irresistable smell to investigate but they seemed to understand and gave me time to have a good sniff. Eventually we got to the dog park, but it was closed - I did try to tell them it would be but they wouldn't listen. We stopped at the picnic area in the shade. I had a nice drink of water when they held me up to the humans' drinking fountain. Then I had a nice rest and a roll in the grass. I pretended I was a boy dog and cocked my leg up on this pillar - I could tell lots of other dogs had done it too.

Then we set off back to the car. On the way they took me to the edge of the river. The water was swirly round my legs but I couldn't catch it in my mouth. It was nice and refreshing but I didn't stay too long.

We have just got back home again and I am pooped. I hope I will be able to have a peaceful afternoon sleeping while they are out at the movies this afternoon.

I am glad you got there safely. it's lucky I wasn't still in your bag or I would be lost too.

Miss you,

Lots of BT kisses,


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