Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hide and Seek

Hi again Mum,

I managed to sleep on their bed again last night and the night before. Last night I wanted to work on one of my bones, but they wouldn't let me stay on the bed with it. I didn't think that was very fair. I think they are getting used to me being there - I hope they understand that I won't be able to stay with them anymore, once you come back.

Yesterday I heard your voice and I thought you were home so I ran to the door, but it was just on the phone thingy - I don't like those. It was nice to hear your voice though, I knew it was you.

Later on, I got stuck in Edward's room, and I couldn't open the door. I decided to stay really quiet and see how long it took them to realise I was missing. It didn't take long. They called me and I scratched at the door and they let me out. For some reason if I am quiet too long they think I am doing something bad. Sometimes they are right, I suppose, but I was a good girl yesterday.

Well I must go now and see if someone will play fetch with me,

Lots of BT kisses,


1 comment:

Sam said...'re such a liar. I play with you all the freaking time. And I thought we were closer than this...I thought you were gonna be sleeping in my bed while my beloved sister was away. But chose those old fogies upstairs. I feel no sympathy for you now. And not a word about how much you miss Silvey! Now i'm just pissed.