Monday, August 07, 2006


Hi Mom,

It's me again. They let me sleep on their bed again last night. I managed to sneak down under the covers this time - very cosy. I missed you today. I have been a bit bored and restless and needed lots of cuddles but everyone seems too busy to play with me much. We did play a bit of fetch and tug o war. Then I laid on the sofa. Then I laid on the floor. Then I laid on the sofa with Edward. Then I laid outside in the sun for a while. Then I got into trouble for biting some pink bits off a plant and had to come in again. Then later we played fetch outside for a while but then we had to go back inside because it got really windy and scary and the umbrella nearly blew away.

They gave me a new plastic bottle to play with (no ring or label) I love how they move about and the crunchy noise they make when I bite them. That was fun.

It's nearly my dinner time now. I have been eating all my dinner. I have been getting a few treats but I have to work for them. I did 'stay' this morning even though I couldn't see her and got some cheese.

I am glad you got your visa ok,

Lots of BT kisses


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Lucy said...

Hi charlie girl!!
I am glad you are being reasonably well behaved while i am gone. Sounds like you had fun by the river the other day, sorry the dog park was closed i know how much you love to play (and fight) at the dog park! You are bring such a good girl eating all your dinner nicely.
Good job worming your way into grandma and grandpa's bed, i bet it is really cozy and you get to stretch out across the whole bed which you like to do so much!
Well i will be home before you know it!